Pallet Covers

Poly Pallet Covers and Centerfold Pallet Covers:Pallet Covers

Poly Pallet Covers and Poly Centerfold Pallet Covers are the most economical covers available!               

Pallet covers are used for fairly uniform packages, while the centerfold cover is typically used for longer units. The advantage of these cover types lies in their cost. These covers are available from 1 mil to 20 mil thickness, with any poly color, and up to 8 color print. These covers are custom run to your requirements. They have minimums of at least one pallet. The Pallet Covers help stabilize the goods into a package of unity, protect your goods against destructive weather, along with any other hazards your product might find in it's shipment. The Pallet Cover is especially good for bringing small goods together on a pallet.  We can even manufacture you a pallet cover that can be shrunk to size bringing a much tighter package.Clear Poly Pallet Cover

The Centerfold Cover is usually used for wood products.  This poly cover is fairly inexpensive and is a good cover against rain, weather, dirt and dust. Though the centerfold cover does not provide the same strength that a woven lumber cover would, it is a fine cover for keeping your product clean.  Some of these covers can be found inside of warehouses to keep water off of their products, such as an MDF mill.


Open/Close Pallet CoverFlexpak now fabricates a pallet cover providing prime advertisement, outstanding protection and easy access to the contents beneath.  The     unique manufacturing process allows for four sided equal advertisement with up to a 10 color process print.  The advantage of this pallet cover is found in it's opening and closing capabilities.  The pallet cover has a slit down one side of the poly, where velcro then attaches the slit together.   This allows the contents from beneath to flow freely in and out, without the cover being completely removed.  Simply open the Poly Cover Velcro Accesspallet cover, remove a portion of the contents, reseal with the velcro, and once again you have an outstanding package!  This pallet cover also does not have the folds that most pallet covers on the market have.  These folds or "ears" can catch wind, and cause a loose cover.  A loose pallet cover will then not effectively protect the contents as a tight form fit cover will.  The pallet cover from flexpak provides the form fit needed without the ears, along with a unique access option.

The New Breathable Pallet Cover!  -Patent Pending-

Flexpak now manufactures a waterproof, breathable pallet cover.  This pallet cover is ideal for any palletized product that needs to be protected from the elements, while being provided with a premier venting system for moisture.  There are dangerous issues with palletizing goods strong in moisture content and covering them with standard stretch film or pallet covers.  These issues can lead to the palletized products developing mold or mildew.  With our pallet cover, manufactured here at Flexpak, your product now has the potential of staying waterproof while allowing moisture to escape.  Another great advantage to this pallet cover is the difference in mil thickness it can have from sides to the top.  For instants the vertical sides of the pallet cover can be manufactured with 4 mil sides while the top can have a 7 mil top cap.  The pallet cover is then quite cost effective, and allows a strong top sheet, best for stacking palletized products on each other.

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