Form Follows Function:

As specific innovation in custom packaging is developed for each customer, Flexpak understands that the solutions customers seek will also vary. Some customers may seek advertisement as the primary means in design while other customers consider protection of goods in transport the primary means of custom packaging. Whatever the approach, the employees at Flexpak work diligently to provide a custom packaging solution that overcomes each challenge that is encountered. With 8 color high-graphic process printing capabilities mixed with targeted heat seal design, Flexpak designs custom packaging that challenges all other competitors in the industry. The unique solutions found at Flexpak cannot be found at any other manufacturing facility in the world.

Historical Unmatched Design:

The custom covers and packaging solutions developed at Flexpak drive the packaging industry for the transport of goods. Whether developing graphic poly covers on roll stock for Polaris or perfect square fit covers for James Hardie, Flexpak seeks to help customers find solutions to the custom packaging problems they face.