Flexpak Corporation: Innovative Packaging Solutions

Flexpak began as a manufacturer in 1992, providing custom lumber covers and lumber wrap for use with pallets, lumber, and other building materials. Woven lumber wrap, siding covers, sewn lumber covers were the original products, though since that time, Flexpak has expanded into high graphic printed products for packaging. All packaging is manufactured from polyethylene, polypropylene, or woven lumber wrap materials, making every product line 100% recyclable.

In 2015, Flexpak moved its plant to a new property in Bend, Oregon. Now located on over 8.5 acres, with five warehouses and offices, Flexpak aims to create more product lines and better stocking programs for its contracted customers.

Designing new poly covers for our customers has been our specialty since the beginning. Here at Flexpak, we can provide custom print and quality cover design unmatched by any other in our Industry. Over the years, Flexpak has provided packaging solutions to companies across North America, and shipped worldwide. The sales and production team at Flexpak is very proud of its ability to provide solutions to any problem related to poly cover design.




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