100% Recyclable Banner Material

Flexpak has developed 100% recyclable banner material for use in both outside and inside marketing conditions. Banner material that is recyclable is made from either Low Density Polyethylene, High Density Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyester, or a mixed combination of these medias. All of these mixed poly products for banners allow for a minimum class 7 recyclable program.


Polyethylene Banners

Flexpak has also worked in partnership to develop a product that replaces the outdoor vinyl found in most of the outdoor sign market. As vinyl made from PVC is non-recyclable, the new EFB Banner Material, found only at Flexpak, provides the same look and feel as reinforced polyester outdoor material. The difference is, EFB material is 100% recyclable. EFB material is standard in 8 oz and 10 oz banner material and can be made for large format presses. The comparative weight/strength ratio of the EFB banner out performs most PVC material currently being used on the market today, and is competitively priced.


Banners That Recycle: