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Flexpak offers several packaging solutions to shipping bulk goods. While there can be multiple solutions to any given packaging issue, Flexpak believes there is a “best” solution to matching the packaging process with the conditions set by both the customer’s expectations as well as the environment the products will encounter.

Customer’s Expectations and Environmental Effects:

The goal to creating a custom packaging solution at Flexpak begins with understanding either the current problem or the desired outcome for the type of package (variables occur throughout the process of packaging design, and understanding the base conditions set by both the customers and the shipping process forms a criteria for providing a solution).

Flexpak considers the concept of “form-follows-function” in every effort to create a solution for an issue in the packaging process. The package designed for rail transport will certainly be different than pallets being loaded into a container. Considerations of graphics desired, strength of plastics, type of shipment, type of product, type of fastening, as well as temperature and humidity of the environment, are all key to understanding the function of a package. When the function has been identified, the solution of packaging form takes shape.

Why Choose Flexpak?

Longevity is the answer. Flexpak would not exist if there had not been a continuation of packaging success in providing practical solutions to the issues customers encounter everyday. With over 20 years in the market, Flexpak understands the variables to packaging. While there are never two customers with the same conditions, problem-sets overcome by customers in the past can often be applied to new issues that may arise. Flexpak has provided custom covers to companies such as James Hardy, Stimson, Polaris, Weyerhaeuser, CertainTeed, Potlatch, Georgia Pacific, Kingsford Charcoal, Trex, Simpson, Scotch Gulf, Boise Cascade, National Beef, Louisiana Pacific, Ply Gem, and so many more.