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Custom Packaging

When shipping products by pallet, a custom package can be manufactured to meet any new and challenging requirement. When unexpected issues arise, the knowledge and expertise at Flexpak can help customers establish a custom pallet packaging solutio

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Heat seal design, high graphic prints, and historical understanding allows Flexpak to drive solutions that will not be found in any other manufacturing facility in the world. The unique niche Flexpak is founded in allows for a cost-effective approach to custom packaging design.

While keeping a product damage free when shipping by pallet can often be difficult, Flexpak has developed several packaging solutions to address the issues at hand. Whether it be oddly shaped goods or targeted areas of wear and tear, there can be solution found in design. Design is the base for providing a new solution, and ultimately, a custom package that meets the customer’s needs.


Problem solving is what Flexpak does best. Whether it be modifying design with Velcro, grommets, or reinforcement, there are several options for a custom pallet package at Flexpak.

Contact Flexpak at any point to discuss different pallet requirements or issues that may require a custom solution.