Cement Covers

Flexpak manufactures a number of products related to the cement industry. While custom covers are designed specifically for cement base boards, Flexpak also manufactures cement curing blankets.


Curing Blankets:

Flexpak can manufacture a number of different custom cement curing blankets. While curing blankets have been standardized by both size and shape. Flexpak can work with customers to provide custom sizes and high quality woven products. Logos are also possible with cement covers manufactured as curing blankets. Grommets and sizes can be made to the customer’s specifications.

Contact Flexpak at any point to discuss products and packaging related to cement based goods.Hardie-Stack-141x150.jpg

Cement and Heat:

Whether packaging a cement based product or curing a cement sidewalk, Flexpak has the experience to provide custom solutions for every application. With the packaging of cement based products, heat output is a concern with the quick application of a cover on a pallet. Heat can play a role in how a cover settles on a product and can relate to moisture condensation. Covers are manufactured at Flexpak to meet these challenges of cement curing properties.

More Custom Packaging: