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Pellet Pallet Cover

Flexpak manufactures pallet covers for pellet companies. There are several unique capabilities which Flexpak uses to produce a custom cover for the needs of pellet companies. When shipping pellets from the plant to the consumer, Flexpak can provide a pallet cover with product protection and advertisement.

No more gussets.

Flexpak can manufacture pallet covers with or without gussets. There are two problems with gussets: (1) gussets waste material, and (2) gussets catch the wind when shipping by truck. The advantage found at Flexpak is in the ability to reduce plastic waste, completely remove the gusset, and provide a form fit pallet cover for a stack of bagged pellets on a pallet.

Most gusseted pellet pallet covers do not have the ability for more than two sided advertisement. Flexpak manufactures up to 5-sided printed pallet covers. This allows the pellet brand to be viewed from every side. When stacked along the side of Lowes or Home Depot, questioning what product lies behind the cover is no longer a question. Instead of a blank white square, pellet pallet covers manufactured at Flexpak provide an avenue to increase the opportunity of reaching a target market.

There are also creative modifications specifically catered to products like pellets. Both Velcro or zipper style covers are possible, which gives access to pellet bags beneath while maintaining the pallet cover integrity. See the Modifications page for more information regarding solutions to a custom pellet pallet cover design.