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Creative Packaging

Creative packaging solutions are needed when one of any new conditions prevail. Either there is a new activity in the shipping process, a new product being shipped, or a problem with current packaging design. Flexpak considers an approach of form-follows-function in packaging design. Development of an understanding of customer needs is the first step in providing a custom solution to pallet covers and shipping cover design.

Several creative solutions for packaging and covering goods have been developed since Flexpak began manufacturing over 20 years ago. Whether it be covers for wind turbines being shipped down the interstate or airplane wing covers designed to reduce ice build-up, Flexpak has the knowledge and expertise to design a creative solution for you shipping needs.

Several opportunities exist for developing creative solutions due to Flexpak’s ability to utilized Hybrid Design in production. While most companies are limited to specific poly products, Flexpak has been designing new products with mixed plastics in order to find effective solutions using economical design.

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