Cover Modifications:

Flexpak specializes in custom design for covers for use with pallets and shipping bulk goods. Developing pallet covers with special modifications is available with production at Flexpak. Several customers have had custom covers developed for a specialized product being shipped by pallet.



Use of Grommets on packages has been a requirement by many customers. Grommets can be added to any pallet cover manufactured at Flexpak, and can add fastening support to the pallet. Use of a grommet allows for a hole in the woven or plastic material while allowing for twine, strapping, or an additional securing mechanism to the pallet. Grommets can be added to railcar covers or custom covers for items such as custom hay bale covers or large products being shipped by truck. Sewn-on grommet tabs are also possible. This allows for a specialized fastening addition to the pallet cover while not being manufactured with a hole in the sides.


Access: Velcro and Zippers

The option for adding both Velcro or zippers to any pallet cover can be manufactured at Flexpak. For specialized products that may need access to products under the cover upon arriving at the supplier, access allows for continued cover integrity while allowing consumers access to the product. Pellet, charcoal, or companies shipping a collection of individual packaged products for sale individually are candidates of an accessible cover.

Pull-and-Peel Additions

There have been several customers who have utilized Flexpak’s ability to manufacture products with attached additions to a pallet cover. Attaching a separate bag for components or additional directions has been a widely used practice in packaging design. Flexpak can manufacture a specialized pallet cover with an attached separate bag component, direction packet, flyer, or product component using a pull-and-peel method of glue, or heat seal attachment.

Contact Flexpak at any point to discuss different specialized pallet cover requirements that are possible or for more information on pallet cover.