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Custom solutions for wide materials are offered at Flexpak

Whether looking for 3000' rolls that are 12' wide, or 120" Unfolded LDPE film, or Custom Tarps/Materials seamed together, Flexpak has the capabilities you are looking for.


3 Lines of Materials at different widths:

Woven, Extruded Poly, Reinforced Poly.

Woven: Woven materials can be made up to 144" wide. Woven materials can be made as light as 2 oz, and can be made up to 10 oz materials. This can be made in PE or PP.

Extruded: Get extruded poly sheeting that is wide. At different thickness different widths are possible. Ask a Flexpak sales representative about the capabilities you are looking for.

Reinforced: Reinforcing PP or PE with unique scrim patterns is possible at Flexpak over 6' wide. Currently working to establish a base for RPE and RPP at 126" wide.


Custom Tarps. Flexpak can manufacture custom tarps in bulk. With either lightweight temporary tarp, or heavy duty woven tarpaulin, Flexpak has the ability to make exactly what you are looking for.


Printable and wide...Flexpak has developed strong printable materials wide for latex and UV inks. Ask about any of the above Woven/Extruded/Reinforced products as printable substrates.