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Sustainable Packaging

Making products that hold a percentage of recycled resin is better for the environment and promotes a sustainable packaging industry. Several products made at Flexpak can be developed with a percentage of reprocessed resin or can be made with 100% recycled resin. There are also products that are more recyclable than others, and considering the type of plastic and end-user behavior may help shape the decision of how and what to print on the package.

Adding the recyclable class to the package is a strong step towards recyclable efforts. A simple print of the class of poly will help curbside recyclable processes. Class 4 for LDPE and Class 5 for PP. Even printing Class 7 for woven HDPE/LDPE will help designated reprocessing centers more able to accept the designated product.

Feel free to contact Flexpak today in order to discuss how your current package may be made more sustainable or how a new package might be made that reduces the impact on the environment.