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Hopper Railcar Covers and Railcar Tarps

Flexpak makes a variety of different custom tarps, and stocked tarps for a number if different needs. The Hopper Bin tarps have uniquely been built to reuse the straps, but dispose of the woven tarp at the end of the rail line.

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For tarps that are stocked and ready to ship, they can be purchased online at www.strongtarps.com. Strongtarps is owned by Flexpak as an outlet for the brand of StrongTarps. These tarps were designed from the ground up with Flexpak's thorough knowledge of strength in woven tarpaulin material, and designed a longer-lasting, stronger tarp than the major retailers.


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Railcar Tarps at Flexpak can be made to custom sizes, or you can use our stocked tarps under the StrongTarps brand, and purchase them online.