Xwrap Standard Lumber Wrap

Lumber wrap from Flexpak is generally offered in three gauges. Xwrap Standard Lumber Wrap is the most common lumber wrap material sold in the industry from Flexpak. This product line holds an 8x8 weave of high density polyethylene tapes. The tapes are then coated on each sides of the product with two different polyethylene products. One side is a white coating of polyethylene, and the other side is a black coating of polyethylene. This coating allows the lumber wrap to be water resistant, allows for flexibility, adds protection from sunlight, and limits variables to internal packaging temperatures. Usually polyethylene lumber wrap is noted by customers as more flexible than polypropylene, making it easier to work with on a packaging station. All Xwrap products have one year UVI added to protect the plastic from breaking down in sunlight.

Xwrap Standard Wrap or Covers?

Many customers ask whether it is better to use wrap or covers for dimensional lumber. Most plywood producers will use woven lumber covers for shipping, but dimensional lumber producers will choose between wrap and covers based on preference and production line capabilities. Xwrap standard lumber wrap is made into woven lumber covers or can be used as rolled wrap on a roll stand at a wrapping station. The advantage of rolled wrap is when there is a need for quick packaging of changed production lengths. Xwrap woven covers can be used when there are set lengths, a customer is looking for a print match on the side, or when product is stocked in the yard and only certain customers require protective packaging.

Co-Branding Lumber Wrap:

Using Xwrap standard can be a cost effective solution to co-branding a product. Call Flexpak with different co-branding options; retail and manufacturer can create a print that adds value to both parties in the sales chain.


 Xwrap Standard Lumber Wrap

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The most common lumber wrap for dimensional lumber and engineered wood products is Xwrap Standard. This product is an woven polyethylene. 


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