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A Taller Pallet Cover

The Y Style Cover is a large pallet cover designed at Flexpak to meet the requirements of tall or odd shaped loads on pallets. Customers manufacturing products that are large and/or need high graphic advertisement on a pallet cover with maximum protection will likely be a candidate for the Y Style Pallet Cover.

Shrink Water Resistant Cover.png

The Y Style Cover is manufactured on a roll for end-line production roll stations. Potential customers are those in the ATV, Personal Water Craft, Motorcycle, and Snowmobile industries who have large products needing protection and advertisement when being shipped by pallet.

Y Style Cover can be manufactured with different thicknesses of plastic (measured in mils), and can have up to a 10 color process print. This is the perfect cover for those customers looking for a high graphic advertising in a large pallet cover design.

Can It Be Made To Shrink?

Shrinking the large Y Style Cover is possible, which gives the pallet a clean tight look, and in some cases allows for greater protection of the large palletized item. For more information regarding a large pallet cover that is form fit see the Form Fitting Covers page.

For very large pallet covers, Flexpak can manufacture a range of different products that can meet the needs of the customer in the shipping process. Flexpak has provided large covers for wind turbines, aircraft, and large products being shipped by truck and rail.

Feel free to contact Flexpak at any point to discuss different packaging options for large pallets or to discuss whether the Y Style Pallet Cover is right for you.