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Woven lumber bags are a skirt-style lumber cover manufactured at Flexpak. Woven lumber bags are either sewn or heat-sealed, and can be manufactured with many different plastic options and designs. For packaging large pallets or products of greater widths and heights, a woven lumber bag will be a considerable choice.

Unlike roll stock lumber wrap, Flexpak can manufacture woven lumber bags with a wrap-around print, thus allowing a different printing option for pallets. This allows for a continuation of print from every angle when customers view the pallet with a woven lumber bag. This type of package allows lumber and wood products to utilize a form fit cover design while improving product/corporate image with every side of printed view.


Skirt style woven lumber bags also allow for mix-matching both plastics and print. While the four sides portray a given image, the top sheet can have an entirely different print. An example of use would be to utilize the top printed sheet on the lumber bag for “directions for use” or “warnings” and additional product information which would not be see on the four sides. The design of skirt-style lumber bags also allow for mix-matching plastics. See Hybrid Design for more information on how Flexpak can create a custom package utilizing a lumber bag style of cover.

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For those shipping by rail cars or trucks the venture can be a most strenuous trip for their product. Though, for those shipping with woven lumber bags from Flexpak, the destructive path of the shipping process has met its match.


Lumber Bags

These lumber bags are manufactured from the highest quality lumber wrap materials. Every lumber bag is cut and sewn to size, giving a uniform appearance to each package. In most cases it takes less manpower to put on a sewn woven lumber bag than it takes to hand wrap a flat sheet of woven lumber wrap from a roll. Woven roll dispensers for wood wrapping stations usually force a company to put two laborers on the packaging station, while sewn woven lumber bags replace an inefficient station with a packaging station of one. This allows a single laborer to easily apply a form fit sewn woven lumber cover to the package, leaving time to spare. The lumber bags arrive to our customers rolled and bundled for ease of storage and installation.


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