Custom Printing

Flexpak has several options for customizing print for goods shipped by pallet. Custom design is a driving factor in print options, and Flexpak has manufacturing capabilities allowing for print repeat and design not found at any other manufacturing facility.

The specific plastic used in pallet cover design plays a large role in determining the different possibilities of prints and graphic presentation. Products made from woven poly products can have large graphic mass printing runs, and can have up to four colors. Custom prints found with this plastic are usually aimed at the lumber and wood products industry due to the tear resistant properties for pallet shipment. Pallet covers made from extruded poly sheeting allow for custom high graphic prints. While covers are usually manufactured from a Low Density Polyethylene, a 10 color process print can present a picture quality image on the side of the pallet. This type of product is usually used with home improvement products.


Matching print to the sides of covers is the specialty of Flexpak. Whether the pallet is tall, long, or short and stubby, there is capability for a custom printed pallet cover manufactured at Flexpak. See our product Gallery to view some of our products and get a better understanding of production abilities.

Please feel free to contact Flexpak at any point to request more information on custom printing solutions for your palletized goods.