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Printed Pallet Covers

Whether it be a printed pallet cover on a roll, a 5-sided print-matched pallet cover, or a high graphic pallet cover, Flexpak has the experience with providing customers with innovative cover design. Printed pallet covers are more than just protection, they represent a products quality and capabilities from the beginning of the shipping process to the consumer’s selection on the supplier floor.

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-Printed Pallet Covers on a Roll

-Perfect Print-Matched Pallet Covers

-High Graphic Printed Pallet Covers


Putting a logo on a pallet cover is a simple step. Putting a logo on a pallet cover as an effective printed medium for advertisement is simple…for Flexpak. While searching the competitor’s products for effective pallet cover design, the products found at Flexpak are uniquely suited for custom print and custom size. Products manufactured at Flexpak are not produced at any other location. Often custom printed pallet covers purchased from another supplier or manufacturer are outsourced to Flexpak for production; in essence, custom printing drop-shipped.

What is needed in the printed pallet cover design process?

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There are a few main considerations when requesting information about printed pallet covers for a new customer. Sizing for pallet covers is taken by the standard “Length x Width x Height.” Quantity looking to be ordered will help define the printing process, and the type of product/shipping method will help define the package “form” to work from. Once the “form” baseline has been established a JPEG or GIF copy of the artwork

 requested can develop the plates for printing. Once the plates have been approved by the customer, the printed run of new pallet covers begins. If a logo or package graphic design has not been developed, Flexpak can help design a print that is product specific and aimed for effective advertisement on a pallet cover.

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Please feel free to contact Flexpak at any point to request more information on ​printed solutions.